Spring Awakening Music Festival '16

My favorite time of the year is HERE! Rave season! 

I look forward to this event every summer. Spring Awakening is a 3-day music festival, featuring electronic dance music (EDM), that takes place one a year in Chicago. I first went in 2015 at Soldier Field and now they changed the location to Adams/Medill Park on the West Side. When I say this festival will change your life, I mean it!

From the lights, to the music, to the fashion, it's a whole new world. The thing I love MOST about it, though, are the people. Everyone is there for the same reason; to have a good time and hear their favorite DJs. I've met some of the nicest people here and shared some of my favorite memories with them. You surely leave it all out on the dance floor!  

As far as my outfits go, I really wanted something comfortable. There's nothing worse than being stuck in the heat and dancing all day with the most uncomfortable outfit. Anything goes in the EDM world, so if/when you ever do go, you'll see outfits like you've never seen before! I've linked below similar/exact products to what I wore for you to take a look at. 

Red Bralette - Light-Wash Denim Shorts - Black Bodysuit - Dark-Wash Denim Shorts

Check out this video! My friend Heather and I were featured in it (for almost 3 seconds)! Take a peek at the 0:50 mark. It's also a great re-cap of what SAMF is all about. Enjoy!

*All opinions are my own.