Move-In Day!

The day has finally come - Move-In Day!

I can't express enough how excited I have been to move into my first apartment. During my first year living in Chicago, I lived in an on-campus dorm. I must say, my roommate and I got pretty lucky with the size of our room. It was a good "starter home" for two small town girls figuring out life in a new city, college, and adulthood. As you can imagine, halfway through the school year, we were dreaming about where'd we live next. Now, here we are! 

I have two roommates this year: Joslyn and Felicia. Felicia was my roommate last year and I had met Joslyn in a fashion class during my first semester at Columbia. One day, we all hung out and the rest is history. 

Before moving in, we had a general idea of what our apartment would look like. All summer, I had been looking through Pinterest to get ideas on color schemes, decor, organization techniques, etc. Lucky for us, our apartment came furnished, so the matching couch and chair, table set, tv, etc., all came with the place. As you can see, we went with a neutral color palette in the living room and kitchen. It took us so long to decide on the rug, but I don't think we could have picked a better one. It's even comfy enough to nap on, trust me! 

As for my room, I wanted it to be cozy and girly. I custom designed my bedding after seeing some inspiration from Pinterest. I made sure to keep my bed high to have enough space for storage. To the left, is a wardrobe, furnished by my building, which holds the usual dresser necessities. Now, I have always wanted a white fluffy rug and this was a winner for me. A rug can really tie any space together. 

Well, that's all for my mini apartment tour! I hope you can grab some inspiration for the place you live in now or the next one to come. Feel free to click on the tags in the post to find out where all of my finds are from. 


*All opinions are my own.