Round-Up: My Favorite Editing Apps and Blogs to Follow

Hey, blogger babes! Happy Monday!

A lot of you guys ask me for advice on photo editing and who I follow, so I thought I'd put it all into one on a quick round-up post. Take a peek down below at all of my favorites! I hope you enjoy. :)

My Favorite Editing Apps...


When it comes to quick and easy editing, and especially for the one's who aren't familiar with editing softwares (Photoshop + Lightroom), VSCO quickly becomes "The Bible" for getting that Insta-worthy pic. I use it on a regular basis for my pictures whether it's for a fast edit or throwing a filter on after using a DSLR camera. VSCO has so many options for color that you can create a well-rounded theme instantly. It even has the option to save your previously used filters/presets to use for you next photo. Talk about MAGIC! Below is a before and after picture using VSCO.

I usually use F2 and play with the highlights, exposure, grain, and contrast. 


Now, THIS was a game changer for me! I struggled for so long on how to get a "good theme". I struggled with understanding layout, placement, telling a "story", the whole 9 yards. I know, I know, we all want a good grid. Then, UNUM came along. UNUM helps you plan all of your upcoming Instagram posts so you know exactly how they'll look on your feed. You can add, delete, move any and all pictures that you're thinking of uploading soon and map them out to look exactly how you want your Instagram to look. 

A rule of thumb I learned from a blogger: Pay attention to size and angle in your grid. Like you'll see below, I try not to post two "standing-up" pictures on-top of each other, but rather diagonal from one another. Same goes for a close-up photo. It makes it more "aesthetically pleasing" and fun to follow! 

Photoshop Express

I just recently discovered this one a few months ago! I got into this mode of wanting to make my photos look really fun and trendy. Photoshop Express has multiple features where you can add fun tones, text, shadows, light, etc., to your pictures and make them really stand out. Below you'll see the first picture through VSCO and then again through Photoshop Express. I used the filter "Dappled" under the "Basic" category. 

Blogger Inspiration... 

Just a little disclaimer: Names are linked to blogs, while the others are linked to Instagram feeds. Enjoy!

Olivia Rink

I've followed Olivia's blog for over 3 years now and she continues to inspire me everyday. She's a petite blogger who's taking Chicago by storm! I love her balance of fashion tips and life advice. Not to mention, she is one of my favorites to go to for outfit inspiration. Take a look at her Instagram feed to follow along.

How Do You Wear That - Caitlyn Warakomski

The "How Do You Wear That" QUEEN, Caitlyn Warakomski. All I can say is, "Wow!" When you log onto her Instagram, it truly is a story in of itself. She's got everything from fashion, to travel, to beauty, to food, to everyday inspiration. She really is one-of-a-kind. Her blog powers the same inspiration as it does on her feed and I can't wait to see what she posts next! Follow along here.

Bre Sheppard

I love Bre's blog so much because it is so relatable. She does blogging on the side while having a full-time career, like many of us! She lets us know about the latest beauty finds, awesome fashion brand sales, and provides us with loads of fun OOTD pictures. I've bought quite a few things after seeing her wear it, too. Take a look down below, for an example! Give her a follow on her IG!

Karlie Lang

Fun Fact: Karlie and Bre are besties! Karlie brings such a ray of sunshine to the blogging community. Her blog and feed offer a really fun, warm aesthetic, which I love. She has such a glow about her that it's so fun to catch up and read what she's doing. Her style is pretty awesome, too! Check her IG out here.

Dani Austin

Dani Austin, the sassiest mama EVER! It's so crazy how you can get to know someone without even meeting them, isn't it? To me, Dani is one of the sweetest, most genuine human beings. Her fashion, matched with her Retailer Talks, and faith, have me inspired everyday. It's so refreshing how raw she is online and doesn't fear from saying too much. She let's us know that it's O.K. to be yourself, your true self, and to never ever shy away from that. Thank you, Dani. Check out her feed right here!

Thanks so much for following along! I hope you're enjoying the start of yet another month! It's so crazy how fast time is flying.

Stay tuned for future posts! Until then...